The Importance of Wetsuit Cleaning

Wetsuits protect against the cold, UV radiation from the sun, animal stings, and a variety of other factors. You’ll have to clean them up after each use. It’s simple to clean them because all you have to do is rinse them and dry them. You will, however, need to thoroughly clean the suit from time to time, particularly if it becomes stinky, stiff, or oily. A more extensive procedure is required for this one. This is likewise a simple technique, and it is the subject of this post. Because you’ll be washing neoprene, it’s a little different from regular clothes. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to thoroughly clean a wetsuit and which cleaners to use.

Written down below are the importance of wetsuit cleaning as well as the pieces of information that you need when it comes to wetsuits.

Prepare Wetsuit Cleaning Supplies

When you are done using your wetsuit, you might want to properly prepare it for proper cleaning. It is important for you to begin preparing with the laundry supplies. Depending on your needs, you can use a bathtub, a huge sink, or a basin. Because hot water damages the neoprene in your wetsuit, fill it with lukewarm to slightly warm water. This technique only requires room-temperature water from the tap. Add the cleaner according to the label’s recommendations. Check to see if it can be used with wetsuits or neoprene in general. Most varieties of rubber have qualities similar to neoprene. As a result, don’t use the cleaner if it can’t be used on rubber.

Freshwater Wash Treatment

The best thing you can do for your wetsuit is to wash it properly after each use with fresh water. You don’t need to use a wetsuit cleaner for this. Most of the sand, body oils, and salt or chlorinated water should be removed with good rinsing. While using cold or lukewarm water is fine, you should avoid rinsing in a hot shower. Wetsuits do not like hot water. Furthermore, rinsing your wetsuit while it’s still on you won’t get it as clean as you’d like because you won’t be able to clean the inside. Your wetsuit can be washed in a bucket, bath, or shower. Just make careful to clean the inside, as here is where the most grime accumulates.

Proper Drying Care

When it’s time to let your wetsuit air dry after you’ve finished cleaning it, allowing the wetsuit to completely dry before using it again is the recommended approach. If your suit isn’t already inside out, do so now. This will guarantee that the inside is completely dry before reinstalling it. Avoid draping your wetsuit from your shoulders since it may stretch out. Fold it at the waist and hang it on a sturdy hanger instead. You might want to consider purchasing a dedicated wetsuit hanger for this reason. Find a sunny area to hang your wetsuit to dry as quickly as possible. Also, remember to put on dry suits before returning to the water.

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