Towing Services

Whether you’re in an accident, or simply need a new tire, you can always count on towing services to be there when you need them. A car can break down at any time, and you may not be able to move it on your own. Towing services can help you get your vehicle where it needs to go. Some towing services even provide emergency assistance. When you’re in need of roadside assistance, you can call a towing service and they’ll come right to your rescue.

Once you’ve located a towing service, you can place a request for a tow truck. Some tow services communicate with their drivers via mobile radio, wireless telephone equipment, or text messaging. Some towing services also use GPS technology and LCD screen receivers. Nearly all towing companies charge a fee for storage of the car they tow. Be sure to have a contact on hand before the towing service arrives, so they can call you in an emergency.

Towing services vary in their processes. The most common method is flatbed towing, which involves using a flatbed tow truck and lowering the bed to the ground level. Then, a hydraulic winch system is used to pull the vehicle onto the truck’s bed. This method is considered the safest way to tow a car. The bed is leveled, and the vehicle is chained down to prevent damage.

Towing services use standard equipment to ensure safety. Some tow trucks are equipped with GPS to help drivers find their way. Most towing services will use mobile radio or wireless telephone equipment to communicate with their drivers. Some towing services will also utilize an LCD screen receiver and GPS. Almost all towing services will charge a fee for storing the car in their garage. Once your vehicle is towed, the tow truck operator will return it to you.

Most towing services charge a minimum fee of $50 for their services. The fee includes the towing cost and the towing distance, which can be five to ten miles. Each company has their own set of policies, and prices vary. If you’re driving a sedan, the standard rate is about $50. If you’re driving a truck or large SUV, the extra cost may be more, and can range anywhere from $10 to $35.

While towing services are not legal in every state, they should have a license in your area. Some states have strict rules about towing and don’t allow towing of unlicensed vehicles. Make sure your towing company has a valid license. This will save you money and time, and will prevent further damage to your vehicle. Moreover, a license is essential for a towing service to be able to operate legally in your area.

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